Hot Box ® Firestarter is new, innovative and revolutionary.

Having installed wood-burning appliances for over a decade, a common problem prevails, lighting the perfect fire! Often, this meant that we were called upon to provide a demonstration, sometimes more than once. We got thinking…. how could we solve this problem?

The arrangement of kindling inside the box combined with a single accelerant quickly provides the perfect base for any fire.

How it works…

  1. Place in your appliance
  2. Light the Hot Box ® Firestarter at the bottom using a match or lighter.
  3. Leave, and then rake embers.
  4. Add further fuel of your choice.

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Millions +

Across the globe, there are millions of wood burning and solid fuel appliances.

Stoves | BBQs | Fires | Pizza Ovens

Unique Engineering

Everything in a box

The Hot Box ® Firestarter flawlessly creates the perfect base for any fire.

Heat | Fuel | Oxygen | Fire³

The Perfect fire in a box

Fast and Efficient

The Hot Box ® Firestarter’s unique design eliminates the need for firelighters and kindling.

Position | Ignite | Wait | Add fuel

Using your Hot Box ® Firestarter | 10 Steps to the perfect fire.

  1. Pop out the vent holes at the base of the box.
  2. Pop out the chimney opening on the top of the box.
  3. Place in your appliance with the air vents in an open position.
  4. Light the box through the hole at the base using a match or lighter.
  5. Leave the door of your appliance slight ajar during initial lighting (if a closed appliance)
  6. The fuel elements inside the box will begin to ignite.
  7. Leave for 5 minutes for the elements inside to fully ignite.
  8. The outer box will remain almost intact and retain the heat.
  9. After approximately 8 minutes (appliance depending) rake embers and add further fuel.
  10. Start with smaller dry logs and build up your fire using larger dry logs.

Once ignited with a match or lighter the Hot Box ® Firestarter is unlikely to go out.  The internals of the Hot Box ®Firestarter are designed in such a way that the heat is confined within the box creating the perfect bed of fuel. The Firelighter will be burning inside the box and the flames will appear after around 5 minutes. Don’t forget, you need to give it some oxygen to complete the triangle.

Press out the chimney at the top along with the vents to the front and rear at the base of the box, light using a match or lighter and wait….

Give it time, allow the components inside the Hot Box ® Firestarter to heat up. Once the flames have appeared and the box is beginning to burn away add further dry fuel. Remember, start with smaller logs and build your fire up for best results.

At present, our product is being piloted, we have a small stock which are available to purchase online directly from We hope to be able to introduce our products into larger retailers during 2020.

There is nowhere to light it?You need to push out the front and back perforated slots along with the chimney at the top. This will allow you to use a match/lighter at the front opening to ignite.
It’s smokingThere is no smoke without fire! The product is internally combusting and will produce smoke through the chimney and available air vents, be patient.
I don’t think it’s doing anythingSo long as you have removed the air vents and lit the firestarter it will be doing its job, wait until the flames appear and the box starts to burn.
I added fuel and now it’s gone outEnsure you have allowed time for the firestarter to provide a bed of embers, Then, build your fuel up slowly so as not to extinguish the fire. Ensure you have used dry logs, start small and build.
I can’t see any flames?As the components inside start to burn the flames will intensify. Eventually, the flames will start to come from the chimney before the outer box burns away.
I left it over 10 minutes and nothing?If you have had it lit for 10 or more minutes and the Firestarter does not show signs of flames or burning then it may of not been lit correctly. Use a match or lighter at the base and allow more air. In stoves, leave the appliance door ajar.
Can I pick it up once lit?For safety we don’t recommend touching the firestarter once lit it will be hot, only approach if you are confident that it has extinguished.

Intellectual Property

Having devised the concept, created a prototype, tested the functionality, we set about getting some protection.

By eliminating the stages needed to create the perfect fire and bundling them into a single process, combustible with ‘one click’ of a lighter or ‘one strike’ of a match we solve a problem. The Hot Box Firestarter was designed to allow any user to quickly and easily light a fire with only one component part with a view to adding further fuel thereafter. By using a perfectly formed stack of kindling and a simple firelighter we devised a method that worked flawlessly each and every time and packaged it.

Design Rights

To protect the product we have registered the designs with the Europen Union Intellectual Property Office details are below;

No: 005525037-0001

No 005525037-0002


The design and concept is patent pending under registration: 1812511.2


Hot Box Stoves has been a registered trademark for a number of years. Additions have been made to include our new product.

The registered Trademark Numbers are below;




The Product Range

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  • Single

    For the occasional firestarter…

    Available as a single unit, the Hot Box ® Firestarter can be bought on its own, for the occasional user. Pick one up with your morning paper.


    Firelighter | Hot Box Firestarter
  • The 8 Pack

    Enough for a week plus a BBQ | For the avid firestarter…

    A pack of 8, the perfect cube for a week of firestarting. With an extra one for the BBQ! Compact and easily transportable.

    £10.00 | Order Now

  • The 27 Pack

    Almost enough for a month | For the consistent firestarter…

    A pack of 27, the perfect cube for a months firestarting. Why not add it to your online shop? You can have a few nights off, only one in February.

    £30.00 | Order Now

  • The Pre-filled Units

    Enough to satisfy several Firestarter’s, from supermarkets to petrol stations, around the world…

    Easily packed into pre-filled units, the Hot Box ® Firestarter’s cubic form allows for easy point of sale displays to be created. Pre-filled units can house Singles, The 8 Pack, The 27 pack or a mixture of all 3.

    Cubes within cubes, simplicity³.

    Enquire for details

  • Coming Soon

    We are passionaite about fire…

    Our Firestarter is just the beginning, more complimentary products from Hot Box ®….

    Check back soon.


About Us

Convenient combustion | #Fire³

Mission Hot Box ®

A decade ago Hot Box ® Stoves Limited was incorporated. We set out to supply and install quality wood burning appliances and component parts. This mission, although simple, remains at our core. As part of our journey, we identified the need for a product that encompassed the firelighting process. Hot Box ® Firestarter was created to offer a convenient, fail-safe solution to lighting the perfect fire

Mission Hot Box ® Firestarter

A product that incorporates an all natural solution to creating the perfect base for any fire.
A uniquely constructed stack of kindling, a fire lighter with room inside for the fire to breath.
Designed to eliminate the need for a user to purchase and store the usual component parts for fire making.
An easily stackable outer shell that can be positioned in an array of retail outlets.
Convenient multipack options designed for single, weekly and monthly usage.
An online purchasing platform that allows Hot Box ® Firestarter to be delivered directly to the user.

The Design

We have designed our product to offer the perfect method of firelighting in a box. The product encompasses all natural materials with no glue or fixings used. All packaging is combustible and we aim for zero waste. Our unique system has a Patent Pending to protect what's inside. Convenience has been considered throughout the process. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.

Designing Hot box ® Firestarter.

Putting components in a box is simple enough, getting them to stay in their position without glue or fixings not so. Ensuring the right air flow around each stack was key to functionality.

The Environment

At Hot Box ®, we believe wood to be a sustainable fuel, so long as we continue to manage & protect our forests. Our product aims to ensure the initial combustion process of any fire is clean and efficient. We strive to source all component parts from FSC certified suppliers and do not advocate the use of chemical based elements. The Hot Box ® Firestarter is a UK manufactured product thus reducing wood fuel miles.

Future environmental plans

Picking up existing waste streams to use in our product is our ultimate goal. When considering international markets we will work closely with Co packers to make the product entirely in the country where it will be sold. We consider the carbon impact at each and every stage of the process. Moreover, as we grow we will strive to plant new forests and woodlands.

Your Feedback

We welcome any feedback on our product, ‘Hot Box ® Firestarter.’
Should you have any questions, please include your contact information below, we will revert soonest.
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