Hot Box FIRESTARTER - The Natural Fire Lighter Option

Fire Lighter

Firelighting will never be the same again…

From Yorkshire with Love ❤️

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Flammable Simplicity³

How do your light yours?

Hot Box ® Firestarter is the most convenient way to light any fire. Our patented design eliminates the need for firelighters, kindling and frustration. Simply light with a match or lighter and let it burn before adding logs or other fuel.

Hot Box ® Firestarter is new, innovative and revolutionary

Having installed wood-burning appliances for over a decade, a common problem prevails, lighting the perfect fire! Often, this meant that we were called upon to provide a demonstration, sometimes more than once. We got thinking…. how could we solve this problem?

With a tried and tested method the Hot Box Firestarter performs each and every time. No failed fires with our patented design, the perfect base for every fire.

Fire Lighter Uses

Hot Box ® Firestarter can be used on almost any appliance, the ultimate in firelighting convenience, no need for kindling or  traditional chemical based firelighters. Our 100% natural fire lighter can be used for stoves, open fires, pizza ovens, BBQ’s chimena’s and more…

Wood Burning Stoves

Our number 1 method of use

How to light an open fire - Hot Box Fire Lighter

Open/Multi-Fuel Fires

A close second for lighting your fire

BBQ Firelighter - Hot Box Firestarter Fire Lighter

Pizza Oven / BBQ’s

BBQ Firelighter, Pizza oven starter

Camping lighting a fire - Hot Box Fire lighter

Glamping / Camping

A great convenience for holiday lets and hot tubs

“Stacked my wood around the firestarter, Roaring in under 5mins!”

– Claire, Halifax

“This simple fire lighter is perfect, I love it”

– Ethan Smith, York

“Lights my fire each and every time without fail”

– Lauren Edderington, Manchester

“Light, and add wood simple as that!”

– Jessica Alberts, Liverpool

Some Fire Starting Facts

The process of lighting a fire stems from Palaeolithic man, evidence of firelighting tools which exhibit use-wear traces from around 50,000 years ago have been found. Lighting fires is in our DNA, the warmth from fire is a physiological need. Hot Box ® Firestarter is a modern answer to an age old practice. 


Registered solid fuel appliances in the UK


100s of millions of firelighters are sold annually around the world. 


Key components Heat | Oxygen | Fuel 


Generating heat quickly leads to a more efficient fire. 

How the firestarter works

Fire in a box

Eliminates the need for both firelighters and kindling, Hot Box Ⓡ Firestarter provides an all in one firelighting solution. Simply pop out a couple of perforated holes, light the box at the base,, stick it in your stove or fireplace et voila, you have built the perfect fire. 

No more, fiddling around with sticks, newspaper or ruining your do by having to puff furiously to get even a hint of a flame, Firestarter creates fire, without fail. 

Having spent over a decade installing wood burning stoves and lighting fires, Hot Box ® Firestarter has been curated with care.

By allowing a user to quickly create the perfect fire and increase flue temperatures, our unique firelighter will help reduce the emissions created during the initial combustion phase.

Made from 100% natural and recycled products in Yorkshire, Hot Box ® Firestarter combines only locally sourced components further reducing its own carbon footprint.

Our Patented product makes the use of combustion appliances ultimately convenient. By ‘Eck….

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The 2 Pack

Two to get your eye in…

Two Firestarters



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The 8 Pack

Enough for a week + a BBQ!

The 27 Pack

Enough for a months Burning!


Perfect for a month of fire lighting

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Wood Fuel Convenience Packs

A Months Worth

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The Seasonaire

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The Weekender

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Hot Box ® Firestarter eliminates the need for both firelighters and kindling. Our solution is the ultimate in combustible convenience in a handy cube.

The plurality of combustible material, carefully stacked to allow free movement of air inside the box will create the perfect base for any fire, every time, without fail. The Fire Triangle, reimagined into a cube… #fire³

Our flexible online subscription model means that running out of kindling or firelighters will become a thing of the past.

Dimensionally, our Fire-starter may be small at 4″ cubed but it will produce enough fire power to ignite logs, briquettes or BBQ coals.

Perfect as a pizza oven lighter or for use in stoves, fire pits and open appliances alike.

Within minutes our patented structure will start spitting flames out of its chimney. Just like a mythical, yet still impressive, fire breathing Komodo Dragon.


Where do I light it?

Press out the hole on the top of the box to form the chimney, press out one or both the the perforated holes at the base. Light via the holes at the base with a match or lighter, watch it burn…

It’s smoking!

There is no smoke without fire! Once your Hot Box ® Firestarter is alight, some smoke will be produced, this should subside in under 1 minute, if using in a stove please ensure air vents are open during initial combustion phases,

Can I pick it up once lit?

For safety we don’t recommend touching the firestarter once lit it will be hot, only approach if you are confident that it has extinguished.

I left it over 10 minutes and nothing?

If you have had it lit for 10 or more minutes and the Firestarter does not show signs of flames or burning then it may of not been lit correctly. Use a match or lighter at the base and allow more air. In stoves, leave the appliance door ajar.

I can’t see any flames?

As the components inside start to burn the flames will intensify. Eventually, the flames will start to come from the chimney before the outer box burns away.

I added fuel and now it’s gone out?

Ensure you have allowed time for the firestarter to provide a bed of embers, Then, build your fuel up slowly so as not to extinguish the fire. Ensure you have used dry logs, start small and build.