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Kindling | What is it and what is it for

Kindling is a material for fire lighting, it is a key component in completing the fire triangle.

Arguably, the most comprehensive article written on wood fuel and firelighting can be seen here.

The importance of kindling should not be underestimated. There is evidence to suggest the art of fire making dates back the Middle Palaeolithic period.

Kindling | It’s part of the process

Kindling forms an important part of the fire starting process. Further, in a format, it is one of the core components inside Hot Box ® Firestarter.

However, if we are going to discuss kindling then we must follow the fire triangle.

When building a fire, sticking to the fundamentals is the key to success This is one of the main reasons why Hot Box ® Firestarter works so well.

Step 1 | Heat

Historically, heat would have been produced using friction or sparks. thereafter, once enough friction or sparks had been generated, tinder would be added to create an initial combustion phase.

The basic principal is to introduce sufficient heat to the tinder to bring about combustion.

Interestingly, different materials have different autoignition temperatures.

Perhaps surprisingly, among the lowest of these materials, even in comparison to paper, is leather or parchment.

Step 2 | Tinder

First and foremost, we must consider tinder before kindling. Tinder is the material which will combust first, at the lowest temperature, before the kindling can be ignited.

Tinder can come in an array of formats, advances in technology and manufacturing processes have updated tinder. However, the fundamentals of firelighting remain unchanged.

Historically, tinder would come from fungus which was readily available.

Today, tinder can be in the form of a traditional or natural firelighter. Recent trends have demanded more natural firelighting products versus examine based alternatives.

Step 3 | Kindling

Commonly, smaller pieces of wood fuel or twigs are referred to as kindling.

in the alternative, logs can be split down using a hand axe to form smaller logs or larger pieces of kindling.

The process of lighting a fire will require a base to be formed.

Starting small, with tinder, then small kindling, then larger heavier kindling, before adding more substantial fuel is the key to success.

These basic principals, and the use of kindling, have been embedded by Hot Box ® Firestarter.

Step 4 | Further fuel

Once alight, a fire will need to be fed.

Further fuel, usually larger than the kindling, will need to be added at regular intervals to sustain the fire.

This Guide to wood burning is a great resource for finding out which wood burns best.

The best kindling types

Now that we have considered the process of lighting a fire, including the use of kindling, we can consider the best type of kindling.

Importantly, kindling should be small, thin sticks will combust more effectively than larger ones

Further, ensure it is dry. if not, the heat that you have created will simply be wasted boiling the water content of the kindling.

As such, choose an appropriate materials for the job. Below we have copied a list of which woods are best for making kindling.

The order of the list represents the most appropriate material to form sticks.

  • Larch | will crackle and spit but will generate ferocious heat.
  • Cedar | When dry and split small, cedar will provide great heat and a low autoignition point.
  • Birch | Great for generating quick heat when cut small.
  • Pine | Only use unpainted untreated wood.

Hot Box Firestarter vs Kindling

Before Hot Box Firestarter, fire users would need to buy or produce kindling for their fires.

However, with Hot Box ® Firestarter, there is no need for a kindling store, which will save valuable space.

Further, having small pieces of wood lying around your house can be messy and inconvenient.

Moreover, such smaller wood fuel has become expensive due to the labour involving in splitting drying and preparing it.

Benefits of Hot Box Firestater

Our product, eliminates the need for kindling in the traditional sense.

However, Hot Box Firestarter completes the fire triangle, as described above form inside its own little box.

By observing the basic principals of making fire, we believe that we have created the perfect firelighting product.

Our product may, over time, render traditional kindling and the need to exert efforts splitting and storing it redundant.

How much? | Hot Box Firestarter compared to kindling?

Frequently asked, especially in Yorkshire.

From the research that we have done, the cost of our product versus buying the same amount of kindling and enough firelighters is about equal.

Don’t just take our word for it, let us show you on the worlds largest online marketplace and compare products of equal quality.

Further, our comparison considers enough product to light the same number of fires, approximately.

Kindling:  Available from Amazon for £6.99

Firelighters: Also available from Amazon, £6.59

Total price of these items £13.58

We estimate that the kindling supplied will light around 8 fires. Ok, so you will have some firelighters left.

However, compared with 8 number Hot Box ® Firestarters at £10.00 plus £5.25 shipping, we are competitive in the market.

Moreover, if you order our 27 Pack for £30.00 +£5.25 Shipping, our product offers exceptional value for money. Very Yorkshire…

Consider these key Hot Box ® Firestarter Facts.

  • There is 1.3m of timber inside each box.
  • Our product will produce more heat faster than any other firelighter on the market.
  • Hot Box ® Firestarter is completely clean. No mess, no kindling, no fuss or faff.
  • Convenient, it takes seconds to light and you don’t have to tend to it.
  • Comparative in terms of cost, based upon research, undertaken on a well known e commerce site, our 8 pack of firestarters costs the same as the equivalent sticks and firelighters.
  • You won’t run out, with our optional subscription model, we will deliver you enough per week or month depending upon your preferences.

Let’s move on….

Hot Box Firestarter v Firelighters

Ok, so we have looked at kindling versus Hot Box Firestarter, examined what kindling is and come back again.

Now, let’s consider firelighters generally and go head to head with some of the head honcho’s in setting things on fire.

As with most FMCG categories, there is a plethora of choice when it comes to firelighters.

During the course of obtaining our patent, and developing Hot Box ® Firestarter, we have undertaken a substantial amount of research on what else is available.

Below, we aim to set out some of the usual suspects across the firelighter industry, describe why our product is better and hope to provide videos in due course.

The Head Honcho’s

ZIP Firelighters | For over 80 years, Zip have been offering fire lighting solutions. During this time, there has been some innovation across their product range but nothing to set the world on fire, excuse the pun.

Across their range, in the indoor fires category, they boast 4 core products. namely, Odourless Blocks, Natural Starterlog, fast & clean, and natural.

Let us dissect and compare…

  1. Odourless Blocks | Two or three required per fire, petroleum based, poisonous. Thery are highly flammable and will do the job used in conjunction with kindling.
  2. Natural Starterlog | A log shaped product, wrapped in waxy paper which consists of compressed sawdust and paraffin wax, burns for a long time.
  3. Fast & Clean | Flowrapped product which container kerosene, works well but again is reliant on kindling to build a fire.
  4. Natural | Two or three required, made from wood wool and wax, require kindling to build the fire.

In contrast, Hot Box ® Firestarter

Patented design, an all in one firelighting solution, a creative modern solution that offers the ultimate in firelighting convenience.

  1. Single all encompassing product, not really much need for a range.
  2. Only one required per fire.
  3. Natural odourless, no kerosene, petroleum anywhere, ever.
  4. No Kindling required, its all in the box.
  5. Just add logs…




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